CorsetLYF (Corset Love You Forever) is one of the premier Corset Export Organizations Established in 2010, we are a design driven company specializing in creating and manufacturing Apparel / Corset for some of the leading names in the industry. We have consistently grown over the years not only in turnover but also in infrastructure, portfolio, human resource and most importantly, product specialization. For us the product is the single most important factor and compromise of any kind is not even a consideration. Years of focusing on enhancing products quality produces an end result that will surpass all expectations.

CorsetLYF was born in April 2010 with a mission to create an outfit to curve figure problem and help women to get an perfect hour glass shape temporarly in short notice for special occasion of there life or permantely in due course of time without gyming and Dieting. CorsetLYF worked hard in designing beautiful authentic range of Steel Boned Corsets and accessories for all of those women who adore themeselves, just like us!! We combine our love of vintage, adding a strong retro touch, a dash of punk rock and a whole lot of quality to help you stand out in a crowd. Our Corsets are crafted by talented and experienced corsetieres, each corset is made to order taking hours of skills, using the highest quality materials, From sparkle hand made sequence, ethnic emboridery work including with vast collection of gorgeous satins, brocade, leather, PVC and silks… there is something for every Corset lover out there.

Corset making is an skillful Art and CorsetLYF master’s the Art, we offer an wide range of corset from fashionable designer corset to authentic waist training / waist reducing corsets. Our Corset is based on a foundation of steel boning and a steel busk fastening, ensuring strong but comfortable shaping, perfect hour glass shape and fabolous feel of hug and care.

We dedicate ourselves to giving hundred percent – nothing less will suffice…

Making fabulous Corset is our business — and business is good.

The future looks promising and the management has set its goals and targets. Vertical integration, ISO Certification, Capacity expansion and training are high on the priority list.